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Vocal Coaching
Samanthas Vocal Coaching

"My singing lessons I love working with people and enjoy motivating people into singing. Beginners are welcome to join my lessons as well as advanced singers. I focus my singing lessons on Pop- and Musical singing. Depending on my pupil's skills, we train breathing and posture so the right tone is reached and that the tone is backed up properly. Furthermore we will work on your intonation, articulation and expression. This training combo powers up your voice, and with the right technique - on healthy vocal cords and airways - your voice won't suffer of any consequences or huskiness. Even under heavy pressure. Of course the student can and may choose songs we can rehearse, if he has any favorites."

Samanthas offer(s) for you:

Private lesson in Niedernhausen (Taunus) with Samantha Maxine
Private lesson online (via Skype or Facetime)

For a list of prices, please contact me through info@samanthamaxine.de

Furthermore Samantha has been a vocal coach at the following institutes: Musikschule Ungefucht, Musikschule Heiko Stern, Musikschule Sascha Leicht und Musikwerkstatt Seeheim.

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